Zoning and land use regulation touch the lives of everyone who owns real estate. Activities on land frequently require hearings for Zoning Variances, Special Exceptions, and Conditional Uses to lawfully use one’s property according to law. These proceedings have become more specialized as regulations have increased. Because we have experience representing private clients, Zoning Boards and municipalities in zoning cases, this dedicated experience offers all our clients positive results when this kind of representation is needed.  Our experience includes success at Board, Common Pleas Court, and Commonwealth Court review levels in zoning and land use cases.


Land use regulations are complex. Zoning laws regulate the use of land everywhere in Pennsylvania and landowners can face fines in the thousands of dollars if they violate zoning laws. When zoning rules restrict an owner’s desired use, presenting a variance case to the local zoning board is often the only solution. Zoning Hearings are no longer friendly gatherings among local citizens but formal proceedings requiring sworn testimony. And, more often than not, requests are frequently contested by neighbors and sometimes the government itself. We have guided landowners through the variance hearing process for more than 35 years.


We have been consulted and have helped in the preparation and adoption of many ordinances for local governments and therefore know and understand the inner workings of these regulations. Because many government regulations frequently restrict how landowners can use their own property, any significant project should start with a proper planning review, and our experience can offer valuable additional insight in the planning process for large and complex projects.


Increasing population growth has fueled continued land development over many years, frequently in an environment where developers, local government, and local residents all oppose each other. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to pursue land development in ways that enhance and protect wetlands, watersheds, and preserve farmland, as well as promote open space, cluster development and conservation of natural resources. Proper advance preparation can help change the approval process from opposition to cooperation.

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