Real Estate Law has become complex. For a Buyer sometimes a real estate agent, no matter how sincere and dedicated, is simply not enough. We regularly prepare and review agreements of Sale before a Buyer signs and is committed. The Agreement of Sale is the most important document in a Buyer’s real estate transaction and should be reviewed before it is signed. We provide comprehensive guidance to all Buyers in real estate purchases.


Whether a seller wants to sell without a broker, or when a situation arises that requires more than a broker’s help, we can help. We provide special packages available to Sellers who wish to sell on their own, without the assistance of a real estate broker, providing all of the documentation and legal guidance required to safely and properly sell their home or other  real estate. We provide comprehensive guidance to all Sellers in real estate sales. 


Commercial real estate transactions require lots of experience. Zoning and code compliance, environmental remediation, complex financing, and increasing disclosure requirements add complexity and can challenge even the most sophisticated commercial real estate buyer or seller. We have negotiated and represented both Buyers and Sellers in this complex process in transactions of all sizes including multi-million dollar transactions.


Residential sales and purchases are happy transactions when both Buyers and Sellers get to the Settlement table with both sides feeling positive about the transaction. We have been privileged to share that joy with hundreds and hundreds of our clients over the last 35 years.


Large land holdings involve special issues. They not only involve tax and estate planning concerns, but can also involve both land development, as well as land preservation. We have experience in all of these disciplines.

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