Government Relations

Sometimes knowing the rules is not enough. While every communication with a governmental agency requires a thorough understanding of that agency’s jurisdiction, knowing who to ask and how to ask them is sometimes the difference between getting the job done today and a month from now. 

Township Solicitor

We are privileged to regularly serve as Municipal Solicitors for Second Class Townships and Boroughs. We have been appointed Special Counsel for other Municipalities who need our particular expertise when their regular solicitors have conflicts. We are honored to serve the community by providing legal representation to these local government units.

Zoning Hearing Boards

Zoning Hearing Boards adjudicate zoning and land use issues in each municipality. The Zoning Board must apply state and local regulations to the cases brought to them by their fellow citizens. With more than thirty-five years of experience handling land use and zoning cases, we properly guide members of the zoning boards we represent in carrying out their responsibilities.

"Thank you, Gene. Thank you for your excellent advice."
- John M.

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Our Promise to You

"We offer our more than 35 years of dedicated legal experience to guide you to positive results in all legal matters."

-Eugene Orlando, Jr.

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